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                                 MMS™ is a system which translates the physical work of procuring item(s) for another department by the Material Management department .Earlier a process that used to take weeks to complete can now be achieved within days ,thanks to the all electronic management system known as the Material Management system .

                                 This system runs on Oracle Databases running on IBM P6000 which are AIX based  series running 24x7 supported  on an optical fiber link backbone  that stretches all over the plant .There are nearly 5000 nodes that are connected to this central server .The entire plant is divided into 8 organizational zones ,each maintained by a dedicated intranet server which are in turn connected to the central server .The MMS is one part of an even bigger system which not only serves the databases but also other services like dial up and VPN services to its users.

                                 There are Eight operational stages in this system which is explained in detail below including the users and the roles they play in the system.   

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